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The Western Sydney Aerotropolis will be developed on the 11,200-hectare site surrounding the Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport that is currently under construction. Over the coming decades, the Aerotropolis will become a thriving community for Western Sydney, delivering new jobs, homes, infrastructure and services for people in the region.

By harnessing the opportunities generated by Sydney’s first 24/7 international airport, the Aerotropolis will become Australia’s next global gateway attracting new and emerging industries; such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace, defence, high-tech freight and logistics.


Scale And Diversity

The scale of this initiative is enormous-it will create Australia’s 3rd largest economy. Not only will the Aerotropolis create more jobs in Western Sydney, but a greater diversity of jobs. This new modern workforce will require unique training and the Multiversity has been set up to develop and provide training for this future.

Collectively we are ranked 5th in the world by volume of research outputs, 12th in the world by quality of research outputs. The four partner universities of the multiversity represent:

Undergraduate & postgraduate degree programs
Innovation Hubs accross NSW
Campuses across NSW
Years of world-leading IP


Critical to the success of the Aerotropolis development will be ensuring that local education systems have the capability to provide the skilled workers the future workforce will require, responding effectively to industry and continuous technological change.

Backed by the collective education and research excellence of four partner NSW universities, and as the first ever of its kind in Australia, the Multiversity (MV) represents an opportunity of unparalleled scale, impact, expertise and strength, set to drive genuine, generational socioeconomic transformation in the Western Sydney community, and place New South Wales at the forefront of a highly competitive global innovation and research market.

The Multiversity university alliance will deliver world-class, industry-engaged teaching and research across a breadth of STEM-specialist disciplines, including engineering, aerospace, advanced manufacturing, and defence.

This initiative brings unprecedented scale, expertise and intensity to the task of transforming the nation’s fastest growing region and third largest economy.

As a growing number of thriving hubs around the world demonstrate, higher education and research institutes are a core component of innovation precinct design, catalysing and facilitating commercial and innovation success.

They bring critical scale and capacity to integrate with industry and business organisations to drive new levels of connectivity, collaboration, and innovation, embed sector-driven opportunities across education, training, research and development, and attract and retain talent and investment.